Membership advantages

  • Free access to events such as bootcamps and reduced ticket prices for live events

  • Possibility to read your work during the showcases organised by Writers Who Talk asbl (maximum 2 per year, within time limit and availability)

  • Possibility to submit proposals of projects to the board of Writers Who Talk asbl and receive support in the organisation of the selected projects

  • Networking and creative support

Membership conditions

Memberships costs:

  • Standard membership (annual) - €30

  • Standard membership (reduced)* - €15

  • Student/unemployed (annual) - €20

  • Student/unemployed (reduced)* - €10

Proof must be provided of student/unemployed status to qualify for reduced rates

Membership conditions:

  • Members must be 18 or over to join

  • New members must fill in the application form (see below)

  • Prospective members must be recommended by an existing member (name to be stated in the application form)

  • The board retains the right to refuse membership

  • Members should adhere to Writers Who Talk asbl charter and code of conduct (see below)

* Joining from 01/07 onwards

Our Values

Mutual support

Respect for yourself and others

Authenticity and originality


Active communication

Application Form

Please fill in the following application form .

The board will review it and will contact the existing member mentioned. The approval/refusal will be communicated via email as soon as possible (usually a week or two) with the banking details for the annual fee.

In the case of non-payment within one month of the application date, the membership will be cancelled automatically.